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You can get in contact via the forms below. You can also always shoot us a message via the chat function on the site or via Facebook Messenger.  We aim to get back to all queries within 24 hours.


We are a young company that is hoping to make a real difference to small businesses and creatives. 

We think that websites are one of the most misunderstood platforms for marketing and we want to help people realise their marketing ambitions by providing a great WordPress experience no matter how much they interact with the platform.

An often cited term in internet marketing is “return on investment” or ROI for short.  We think that a properly set-up WordPress site will not only give you a great ROI but will also help you gauge whether your marketing efforts on social media, other websites or paid advertising are giving you a return on investment.

Websites can provide much more than just marketing support, they can also help in areas such as admin or sales.  If there is something holding you back in these areas let us know and perhaps WordPress and Detangled Web can help!


No.  The reason being we don’t rate them for customers in the UK.  Shopofy, Wix and Squarespace ultimately keep all their website data in the US.  This means there is always going to be issues regarding site speed regardless of how good their CDNs are.  We also can’t offer the level of support we’d like as we are reliant on their support if anything server based goes wrong.

We want to provide you with quick repsonsive support so you can have the best WordPress experience and don’t want to rely on third parties but we don’t tie people to hosting contracts.  We certainly reccomend hosting with us for a few months so we can address any concerns or make changes pretty much instantaneously though.  There is always something that could do with an edit that you notice a short while after! 

This is exactly why even a basic website is important.  A very basic website should be able to tell you where your traffic is coming from and who seems most “interested” in your project or business.  This would allow any project or business, going forward, to spend more time on the opportunities of brand exposure that matter.  So we think even projects or businesses just beginning, get a lot of value from websites.  Sometime a project or business just seems more real to people if there is a website.

That being said, if your project or business is only getting going, it is usually pretty wise to explore, at the very least, Facebook & Google My Business (good for creative projects as well) first. Using both with generally give you quite a lot of the functions a basic website gives you but with no cost.   

Yes, we won’t host non WordPress based sites.  We won’t host anything we deem NSFW or anything that might be deemed offensive to any members of society.  We don’t scrutinise content of the sites we host but if we receive any sorts of complaints, we reserve the right to ask you to move your site from our services.

Generally we can design most things going for print but we are primarily web developers/designers.  We are more than happy to produce similar documents to that which we are producing for the web to help projects or businesses to keep costs down or to provide symmetry across marketing materials as we feel this is really important.

If you are professionally printing something, it is sometimes adventageous to approach the printers and ask for specifications first and then get in touch. Specifications can include all sorts of reccomendations that can help speed up the process and produce a better printed document.

If you are producing non web based marketing material without our help it is often best to get this done first.  Again to keep things coordinated, it is good to share any graphics, fonts or colours used in any physical marketing like leaflets in digital marketing as well.   

Yes, in fact we encourage it!  Once content is made for you, you acquire all rights to usage of content and are free to do so as you please.  You can use graphics we edit or create in whatever media you deem fit.  If you need different sizes of images or a little bit of an edit, just ask.

Detangled Web is part of Detangled Media LTD, a limited company registered in Northern Ireland with the Company Number 650146. 
Our Vat Number is GB331350249.  We love to support local businesses, we hope you do as well! 

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