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Our customer portal is a place where you can manage your invoices and credit from Detangled Web.  Yes you read that right,  Detangled Web gives out credits for customers who recommend us to their friends or businesses they work with.  Customers are free to use their credit to pay for any development or content services from Detangled Web.

The customer portal is also great for websites that want to develop as they go.  Customers can approve estimates for work and we can get started right away with little or no fuss.  If we see something that might be of value to your business or project we usually get in touch by email with an estimate but these are easily missed!

To sign up for the customer portal you need to a Detangled Web customer.  All you have to do is fill out the form on this page.  Please note that there is only one email and password combination for each account.  Please allow up to 24 hours for us to set up your account.

Detangled Web Credit FAQ

You can earn up to £75 credit per referral.  Referrals are based on first payments by customers only.

A hosting referral earns £5 credit
Domain and Email Set-up earns £5 credit
Websites and services up to £494 earn £25 credit
Websites and services for £495 and over earn £75 credit

There are no limits to credit you can collect but please bare in mind that this is credit for your account that can only be used for Detangled Web services of content creation and development.

All you have to do is tell your referrals to mention your name, project or business name when they get in contact with us or when they first pay for something.  We will contact you about any pending credits to your account.  Your account will be credited within a calendar month of your referrals payment.

If someone mentions they were referred by you we will be in touch by email.  If you don’t receive an email from us the person has forgot to mention you.  This is easily remedied by getting the referral to email us and tellus that they were referred by you.

Not all pending referrals will complete.  Unfortunately Detangled Web isn’t going to be for everyone.  We do however appreciate all referrals and hope that you will continue to recommend us to your friends.


Other Customer Portal Questions

Not at all, if you are comfortable dealing with invoices etc coming through email it really isn’t essential.  We don’t necessarily think people need “another place” to login but for some it will help keep up-to-date with their website and ways they can develop it. 

If you have lost your details you can try the forgot password if you have the email address that you registered with.  Otherwise fill in the form address and we will  get in touch with regards the email you have registered with.

Detangled Web is part of Detangled Media LTD, a limited company registered in Northern Ireland with the Company Number 650146. 
Our Vat Number is GB331350249.  We love to support local businesses, we hope you do as well! 

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