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Easy WordPress Websites For Busy Creative People

Developing your own website can be a very rewarding but it can also be a very daunting experience.  Detangled Web is about making sure you have the right tools to make it more rewarding than daunting!

Even before you begin, you need to decide how, where and what you are going to build your site with and unfortunately the very first steps can have a huge bearing on success.  Whilst the idea of “industry standard” isn’t something we aspire to, with over 33% of the world wide web built in WordPress you’ll be working in a platform that is incredibly flexible.

WordPress, whilst starting life as a blogging platform offers Eccomerce features and just about everything else and because of it’s open source code possibilities are endless.  WordPress has over 55,000 plugins (feature add ons) available at a click of a button.

We think with all that choice it really helps to have great support and hosting to help you develop your site as your project or business does.  

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With the growth of social media the role of a website for any type of product, seems a little diminished we think it would be fair to say.   If someone wants to contact you, they can use facebook messenger.  If someone wants to get your address, it will be available on google my business.  So why would you even need a website in the first place?  With the shear volume of ways that you can engage with your audience you need to know what engagement is working for you.  All the sites we host are set-up with great analytical software helping you protect your return on your investment in time or money spent creating content to promote your project / business.

If you are investing significant time or money in marketing your wares then a website is probably a good next step.  If you are just getting going; have you explored all potential social media opportunities and got signed up with Google My Business?  Facebook is still the king of social media in the UK and Ireland and for communication tools alone, it is worth being a a part of. 

A website will create more work for you (it will need updated just like any social media channel) but it will hopefully help you influnece how people see your project/business and help you understand which of your marketing efforts is most effective.

Generally you don’t need to know how to code unless you are trying to do something particularly bespoke.
Someone with photo editing skills is going to take to it much quicker but generally how we have set-up our WordPress installs to make it as easy as possible for people to create their own website. 
Don’t forget a website is just the “glue” that holds content together.  A good website is made up of good written narrative (around 300 word per page or more) and images or video that grab people’s attention (1-2 per page is enough).  
That being said, you can achieve a lot with only 1 page so if you only have a small bit of written content and a logo that is probably enough to get going!

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