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Developing a website can be a daunting process even if you are working with a developer.  It is full of decisions and is a big investment in time and money.  You can save yourself a lot of time by working with the right company for development and maybe even save on cost as well.    

 We think the best way to get going is demonstrate what we can do and to learn about your project in the process.  All our development projects begin with development of a homepage.  Whilst we are working with you on your homepage we can assess your needs, what content you have/don’t have and advise accordingly.

There is nothing to pay up front and if you aren’t happy with the results or how we go about things you are  free to walk away from the project.  Better still by the end of our introduction, we should have a fantastic homepage to continue our work with!

Development can be paid for all at once through a package or you can develop it in stages and spread cost/time needed to develop your web presence.

Whatever your experience with marketing, one of the best things you can do is get a “even platform” to see what marketing works for you and a website allows you to do that through analytical software like Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Not only does a website let you do this but it also provides more ways for you to market yourself!

The beauty of WordPress is that it gives you great compatibility with lots of other software that your project or business might use and can be used for any type of website with professional results.

It’s user friendly for those who want to be more hands on with adding content and best of all, it lets you present content exactly how you want to on social media and on search engines.

Website development should have “progression” and should help you form a wider picture of the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

If you look in the right places, there are always ways to further develop your website or marketing efforts.   Google Console will give you oodles of keywords to explore and Google Analytics will really help you get to the bottom of where quality visitors are coming from.

We think it isagreat idea to build upon

Our development package make it super easy for people to get started on the web or come from another website. It includes email set up, domain and 12 months hosting and homepage and contact page.  This is what we consider the “barebones” of any site

 and further content for pages will be charged between £15-150 inc. vat per page depending on content available and how much development is involved.  Apart from pages, you might want advanced features, details and prices of which, you can find on this page.

Initial Deposit of:


Total Cost:


(Inc. Vat)

 Payment Plans available for the remaining costs.

All Deposits Protected by PayPal.

Features At A Glance

  • 12 Months Super Fast UK Based Hosting
  • 12 Months Domain Registration
  • Zoho Suite Set-up for 5 Users
  • Homepage Design
  • Contact Page Design
  • Google Analytics Set-up
  • Google Search Console Set-up


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Give Us A Try

If you want to test developing with us we are more than happy to produce a quick example of a homepage on a test site. This will give you a good chance to see if working with us suits your project or business.

If we are able to find what we need on the web we’ll just get going or if we need further content from yourself we’ll be in touch via email.  You can also attach a logo and copy and paste some text as well in the form.
In general, we will style the homepage according to a logo we might make slight adjustments to both logo or text provided to suit layout or what we are trying to achieve.

If you don’t have a logo or homepage text we can develop these for you.  We do this in conjunction with development of the homepage if this is the case.

If you are coming from an old site we can help you evaluate your site in terms of SEO, site speed, mobile friendliness and GDPR.  We don’t do this to rubbish an old website but to make sure that these areas can be improved.  They usually can; especially if your website is a couple of years old.

Once we have everything that we need we would aim to have something to show within 3 days with regards the homepage.  We will also be in touch via email to sort out some sort of an appointment online, via telephone or in person to discuss plans for your website.

Once homepage is complete to your satisfaction we require a payment for all work done so far.  This includes any branding or content creation work.

If you are purchasing a package, we require payment of the package in full at this point.

If you are unhappy with how the homepage is progressing then you are free to walk away at any stage.  If you are unhappy further on in development we will do are best to make things right but sometimes things just don’t work out. 

If this is the case, we will try to come to an agreement about a reduced rate for any pages or features not completed or if it is very early in development refund your entire purchase.

We don’t sell websites with a promise that they will make you millions or have countless visitors due to some magic SEO formula.  Our websites, we feel, look good on all devices, are quickly accessible on all devices follow all relevant advice for SEO, GDPR & social media sharing and give you data on what marketing efforts have been successful.

Please provide an email address you can check within the next 24 hours just in case we need any more info.

Typical Costs

Below are just some of the amazing things you can do with WordPress with a rough estimate of price.  We base these price of development of these areas on what we think are the best options for a majority of people.  If you have very specific requirements for any of the development listed below price could be more or if you are really on a budget there might be a way of doing it that is limited but less expensive.  

Initial Development

  The most basic of sites can be just a homepage and a contact page.  In general, once this is finished we encourage people to go live!  Other developments in your website can make great updates on social media or other marketing channels.

Developing a homepage is one of the most exciting times of developing a website and we think it is the best place to start.  We begin developing homepages on our test site and get to know a little about your project as we go.  By the end of of development of your homepage we should worked out how we are going about things, what content you need for this and a sense of how long it is going to take.

We love forms.  Forms are what make websites such effective communication tools.  Ask what you want exactly how you want to ask it.  Forms can be customized to send certain answers to a certain email address allowing you to divide any admin up between a team and can even issue automatic responses to people based on their answers.  When paired with modern email software like Zoho mail or Google Suite you have a professional platform to conduct your business over.


Websites are great at admin tasks and providing alternatives ways to get in contact.  Many of these modules can work in tandem with each other.  Pricing is based on what we think is the best general option, however, depending on your requirements it might differ in price.

Sign-up and membership is great for a wide variety of functions.  It can help you find out more about potential customers.  It can keep content restricted for customers only and with a payment gateway you can charge people to view this information.  
Sign-up and memberships also give you a way to gather customer information which you can use for a mailing list or CRM and gives people a great reason to come back to your site again.

Bespoke form are different from basic forms as they ask questions relative to answers previously given and provide you with more info on a customer or client.  

With a bespoke form you can also take payments, which works really well for collecting deposits.

Most people will be fine with a basic form but for some projects a bespoke form can help sales or improve leads and might save time like following up with an email or call.

The admin area for WordPress is pretty easy to navigate but it might not be for you or you might want to separate content uploading from the admin area to keep information secure.  Custom uploading pages allow you to do exactly that.

Being able to chat to customers is becoming really popular and with good reason.   Most projects/businesses are communicating over a variety of platforms and webchat not only provides another way for people to get in touch but can also be used to amalgamate lots of channels, Facebook, Twitter etc into one channel.

There are loads of options in this department depending on everything you want to do and how complex your needs are, most of these options require a monthly payment (the chat software itself is usually provided by a third party) but properly setup it can really benefit the right project/business.  

Customer Relationship Management software is very popular and affordable these days but it work best if it is customers or clients are doing the data entry rather than yourself!

WordPress is incredibly flexible with how can share  information.  Some CRMs can automatically take data from your WordPress site or you can upload it yourself through a spreadsheet file or if you are using modern email software like Zoho mail or G Suite there is often ways to connect to your CRM through it.


Websites are of course great at marketing too.  A website can not only provide another marketing platform but also help you evaluate your other marketing efforts as well.

Newsletters, mailing lists or whatever terminology you use are great.  Most people now have smart phones and a large proportion of these people have email on their phones.  Most people also have some sort of email notification on their phones.
Depending on your requirements we can make you a personalised form or get you configured correctly with a third party service like MailChimp (monthly charges to MailChimp may apply).    

New content is a great way to increase awareness or engagement with your project or business.  For most businesses it will be the starting block for a marketing campaign which might include paid advertising, publishing it on social media or maybe some non IT related marketing such as a poster campaign or flyers.  


You might not ever want to take payments for your product through your site but having your product pages and a catalogue can increase exposure of your brand and your products which can lead to to sales in your bricks and mortar shop.

Product pages and catalogue design can really bring a project to life and can easily be upgraded to an online store in the future by adding a shop.


Sales are hard to argue with and websites can help provide additional sources of income through digital products such as gift vouchers or etickets as well as traditional product send by post or courier. 

People love options and it is much easier to market 1 product with different options than many different products with simple variations, especially on the web.  Product options can be extended across multiple products and separate SKUs applied to different variations to make picking and processing easier. 

Bespoke products are great for businesses that make up pages or make products that are custom to clients specifications.  Bespoke products can really help minimize admin work and can make a slick ordering process that people invest time with even if they aren’t buying (which provide you with passive market research!) Bespoke products would also be suitable for online menu systems or for a host of service industries. 
Bespoke products are a better fit for someone selling lots of products that need to be customised by customers or clients rather than a bespoke form.

Booking and deposits are easy to achieve in a variety of ways.  there are some great industry specific third party software options out there as well that charge a monthly fee that can also be incorporated within a WordPress site.  Normally if it is just a simple booking system and a payment gateway there is no need to pay monthly for a service as WordPress already has these features. 

We think that gift cards are a great fit for lots of businesses/projects.  We generally recommend keeping them online (posting them out can be an unnecessary hassle) but are a great way to encourage spending outside of business hours for projects or businesses with with B2C appeal.

Depending on your needs, it can get quite advanced and here are third party software alternative to how we do things, some of which have a small monthly fee.  Whatever way you choose to do it, Giftcards provide a great opportunity to get some extra sales especially around Christmas time!     

Vouchers are a great way for B2C businesses to help sell their wares.  You can give discounts to loyal customers or entice new shoppers to your shop with both % and money off vouchers.  

Woo Commerce offers a myriad of ways to do this so you’ll be spoilt for choice to find the best way to do this for your business.

Depending on what you are trying to achieve there are many ways to link your accounts package to your website.  This could be to make it easy for customers to pay bills.  It could be to streamline orders to your accounts system or what ever makes life easy for you.

We feel such an integration can have a hugely positive effects on admin on a website and some accounts packages even include customer portals which are easily integrated into a website. 

Like it or lump it, places like Amazon and Ebay are brilliant places to sell products.  They both have their quirks but can raise product profile and lots of people feel more comfortable sharing their details on larger sites and rarely make purchases from smaller sites.
If you are already selling on these platforms and your catalogue is well organized on all channels it is a relatively straight forward process and can save tons of admin time.  If you aren’t on one of the platforms you wish to sell on we can help you get set up with this as well.

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