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  • Unlimited Storage of Images & Content
  • Quick WordPress Hosting on UK Servers
  • Mobile Optimized Site
  • Expert WordPress Support from WordPress Developers
  • Website Metrics & Analytics Available From a Variety of Means including Google Analytics
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Compatable with all Major Mailing List and CRM Packages including Mailchimp*
  • SSL Certificate if Required
  • Unlimited Accounts for Customers & Contributors With Advanced Security Features Such as 2 Factor Authentication
  • Social Media Login *
  • Unlimited Products, Categories & Product Images
  • Discount Codes
  • Gift Card Support
  • POS Integration Available*
  • Third Party Calculated Shipping Rates including Royal Mail and Parcel Force *
  • Intergration With a Wide Variety of Accounting Software such as Quikbooks, Sage & Zero *
  • Sell Digital Products
  • General Features
  • Security Features
  • ECommerce Features

 *  Please note this may occur a monthy/yearly or one off fee or advanced development depending on your exact needs

Book an online introduction to WordPress where we will ensure you nameservers are pointing in the right place and help you get started with your website.

Domain registration and email set-up are important to get right. We think that domain registration and email go hand in hand and offer a set-up service which can have you sending emails from [email protected] in no time at all with the added security and performance of a Content Delivery Network which you can tailor make to suit your needs.

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*Domain Renewal applicable after 12 months*

If you are considering self development you are in the right place.  We make it easy for anyone getting going on WordPress by taking care of all updates and site testing of these updates.

We think that WordPress is generally a better system for just about everyone when comparing it to other popular website building platforms like Squarespace, Shopify and Wix and with a little IT support is actually easier to achieve what you want in a website.

The major issues with WordPress if not properly set-up on a server it can sometimes be slow and cumbersome and when updates are applied to either WordPress or your server these can not update right or affect your site in some way.  Whilst most hosts let you take care of set-up and updates, Detangled Web does all this for you and test your site to ensure

Having to deal with control panel software isn’t always straightforward. Even though setting up WordPress has been simplified with technology as 1 click installs and control panel software that is aimed at WordPress users it is still pretty easy to make mistakes just by following out of date guidelines.

This is where Detangled Web comes in, we use our 10 years development knowledge to ensure that your WordPress site is set-up in the correct way on the server, making it much easier to work with and achieve great results. 

All updates are taken care of by us and we test your site after we apply there updates to make sure everything is as it should be after the changes.

All our support is provided by WordPress developers who can help you quickly diagnose the problem and advise the best course of action.  If all else fails, you can always revert back to a saved version of your site.  All sites are backed up daily so if stuff goes wrong don’t panic too much!

To purchase hosting, you need a domain.  We also highly recommend getting email set-up beforehand as well and our package below offers all that in one package.

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Features At a Glance

  • 12 Months Super Fast UK Based Hosting
  • 12 Months Domain Registration
  • Zoho Suite Set-up for 5 Users
  • Google Analytics Set-up
  • Google Search Console Set-up


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Hosting is the rental of space on a server with access to the web.   These servers aren’t a great deal different from home computers but they are optimized to be on all the time and have a robust and quick connection to the web.

Larger sites with lots of visitors generally wouldn’t share their server resources with anyone.  However, most websites aren’t at this level and it generally makes economic sense to share resources with other websites.  

This is called shared hosting and varies in price as much as it does in quality.  We think quality of hosting, especially with WordPress has 2 important elements how well the server is maintained and the support provided. 

Our hosting services are designed to open the World of WordPress to those who might just have thought it was too complicated a place to get started on or just don’t want to spend the time messing around in control panel software or terminal to get a site up. 

We back-up your site daily, so you will always have a restore point should any issues arise.  Just drop us an email and we’ll get your site back to how it was yesterday, when your troubles seemed so far away!

Running WordPress with the latest updates at both server and plugin/themes level ensures that your WordPress site will not only run its optimum speed but also mean you and your users data is more secure.

When updating any plugins/themes or anything at server level it is highly reccomended to test and ensure those changes haven’t affected anything.  If those changes do affect your site we revert back to your old version and help you address the issue.

We also monitor site speed of all sites we host and will get in touch if there are any bottlenecks in performance (sometimes caused misconfigured or bad plugin in WordPress.

It often just takes a little time for a developer of a plugin or theme to address any changes to an update to WordPress’s core.

It highlights an important issue that not all plugins or themes are equal.  If you are self developing, you need to be careful what plugins or themes you pick.   We set up all our hosting sites with our recommended theme and plugins and set-up any technical ones like cache to our preferred set-up.  Unless you are trying to do something very specific you’ll probably not have to get involved with plugins or themes at all!


It depends on your expectations but someone with graphic design knowledge or willingness to learn is going to do better.

We would advise people to have a desktop/laptop and generally get themselves prepared with a little written content for the homepage and a logo of some description before getting started.  Having email set-up on something like zoho mail is a great start as well.  We offer domain+hosting+email set-up packages below.

If you haven’t designed your logo yet, we recommend trying out Canva if it is something you might want to try yourself.  It is online graphic software that is pretty easy to use.


We offer a full refund on your first months hosting should you feel that Detangled Web or WordPress doesn’t suit.  

If  you are thinking of developing your site with us we recommend starting off on the “Web Development” page here.  We think it is a really good idea to work on something like a homepage first of all to see if this is the road you want to take.

Detangled Web is part of Detangled Media LTD, a limited company registered in Northern Ireland with the Company Number 650146. 
Our Vat Number is GB331350249.  We love support to local businesses, we hope you do as well! 

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